12 Best Sex Toys in 2021 for Couples, Men, Women & Beginners

12 Best Sex Toys for Couples and Singles

The best sex toys in 2021 are bringing forth new designs, quieter volumes, and more adventurous options. Thank goodness for that! It’s hard to imagine sex, masturbation, and sexuality without the use of sex toys somewhere along the way. Experimenting with sex toys offers lots of fun for couples and single adults alike.

Choosing the best sex toys can make all the difference between a mind-blowing orgasm and a lacklustre climax. There are sex toys for everyone, regardless of how you classify your sexuality. Exploring different sex toys can be a great way to discover more about yourself, helping you understand your sexual appetite.

The sex toy market is exploding in 2021, incorporating technology and being led by consumer demands into new territory. You will find a diverse range of sex toys for men, sex toys for women, and many sex toys for couples. With so many options, shopping for the best sex toys can be challenging unless you know where to start.

Are you looking for your first sex toy of the season? There are many exciting options to stimulate your sensations. Here are the twelve best sex toys of 2021:

Best Sex Toys for 2021 – The Original Magic Wand

The Original Magic Wand is one of the best sex toys for orgasms in 2021.

A classic but still a goodie, the Original Magic Wand is one of the best sex toys in 2021 to evoke mind-bending orgasms.

One of the best vibrators and sex toys of all time, the Wand receives many mentions from sexual health experts. This product is often recommended to beginners who want to achieve the best orgasm, and its reputation speaks for itself.

If you want to buy for your first vibrator, the Magic Wand is exactly where you want to focus on. While there are sex toys more trendy or technologically advanced, the Wand delivers proven results. This discreet tool embraces pleasure, putting you in control of your journey to inevitable climax.

Best Sex Toys for Women – Slim Teardrop Bullet Vibrator

The Slim Teardrop Bullet Vibrator is one of the best sex toys in 2021.

Some women find vibrators like the Magic Wand to be not their style. We get it, as everyone’s tastes differ. A much less intimidating vibrator and something easier to handle is the Slim Teardrop Bullet Vibrator.

Curvy and smooth, its organic shape can glide over sweet spots with eases. The teardrop bullet vibrator is like an all-in-one vibrator, which can be used internally and externally. Choose from multiple speeds, to bring the intensity up or down as you move along your experience.

Thanks to the discrete size, it can fit into a purse, bag, or kept somewhere safe in your bedside table. The Slim Teardrop Bullet Vibrator also cleans well, with a little warm soapy water washing away any and all lubricants.

Best Sex Toys for Men – Frisky Bunny Vibrating Cock Ring

The Frisky Bunny Vibrating Cock Ring is one of the best sex toys for men in 2021.

What if you want to take the Thrusting Bunny into the bedroom with a partner? The super-sexy Frisky Bunny Vibrating Cock Ring is built for exactly that purpose.

The vibrating ring supports and enhances erections in men while worn at the base of the penis. The buzzing also helps to treat the clitoris to some attention while other areas are getting some action.

Choose from five different vibration modes. For couples who want to do some experimenting together, the Frisky Bunny Vibrating Cock Ring is ultra-silky, warm and natural, and low-maintenance. This sex toy doesn’t take no owner’s manual to figure out how this sex toy works or what it adds.

Just be careful to avoid any silicone-based lubricants as the Frisky Bunny is made from silicone. Water-based lubricants are better when you’re strapped with this cock ring.

Best Sex Toys for Couples – We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator

The Slim Teardrop Bullet Vibrator is one of the best sex toys for couples in 2021.

Many people adore the We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator for its body-conscious shape, ten orgasmic vibration patterns, and USB rechargeability. You can wear this vibrator easily during sex. The We-Vibe has been highly praised in publications like Cosmo, Chatelaine, Men’s Health, and others.

The characteristic C-shape fits into the natural curves of a woman. This sex toy hugs the G-spot while massaging the clitoris. Each end has its own motor, with the smaller end meant to be inserted while the wider sits up against the clitoris.

You really get the chance to customize your sexual experience, controlling where and how intense the stimulation is. Some of the different vibration patterns you have to choose from are Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Cha Cha, Tease, Throb, Ramp, and Ascend.

Best Sex Toys for Beginners – Jackpot Vibrating Pleasure Probe

The PinkCherry Jackpot Vibrating Pleasure Probe is one of the best sex toys in 2021 for beginners.

The Jackpot Vibrating Pleasure Probe from PinkCherry is one of the best sex toys made for beginners. If you are new to self-pleasure, starting with the Jackpot Vibrating Pleasure Probe allows you to enjoy sex toys at a comfortable speed.

The curvy, contoured design of the Jackpot Vibrating Pleasure Probe makes it the perfect sex toy to find your sensually delicate areas. For men, this sex toy touches the secret sweet spots tucked around the prostate gland. For women, this toy can stimulate the G-spot found on the top of the vagina. It can stimulate sensation through direct contact via penetration or indirectly through anal pleasure.

Best Sex Toys for Her – Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimuator is one of the best sex toys in 2021.

One of the most popular sex toys in 2021 for women is the Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator. Through targeted pulses of air totally non-contact, the Satisfyer Pro 2 stimulates the clitoris with feelings of suction and pulsations.

Fitting comfortably in your hand, it can be moved over and around the body. Unlike a more average vibrator, this air pulse stimulator is a little different. The proper placement can yield toe-curling results. You also have 11 pressure modes, varying the speed according to what you like and pretty much guaranteeing an orgasm.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is very much in-vogue right now, popularized through Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, BuzzFeed, Bustle, and others.

Best Sex Toys for Him – Satisfyer Men Vibration Stroker

The Satisfyer Men Vibration Stroker is one of the best sex toys in 2021.

Pocket pussies and strokers feel just like the real thing, or at least they come pretty close. If you haven’t done your fair share of sex toy perusal as a man, a Satisfyer Men Vibration Stroker is a great selection.

If you know the Satisfyer brand, you probably are aware of their clitoris simulator. The Men Vibration Stroker is just as effective, combining the suction of a blowjob with the feel of vaginal sex.

Through 14 signature vibration modes (including shiver, shudder, shake, and pulse), you get stimulation from the tip down the shaft. Enjoy swirls of tongue action, throbbing vibrations, and a sucking effect if that’s your thing. This sex toy is a super-immersive experience that’s worth the investment.

Best Sex Toys for Orgasm – PinkCherry Thrusting Bunny Vibe

What if a woman wants vaginal and clitoris stimulation at the same time? That’s the ultra-satisfaction from the Thrusting Bunny Vibe, one of the best sex toys to achieve orgasms in 2021. This vibrator thrusts all your sweet spots in and out, while giving out doses of thrilling ecstasy with every use.

Choose from three vibration speeds for the clitoris and three thrusting rotations for a custom vibrator experience. Pleasure-seekers love the intensity of the Thrusting Bunny Vibe as you take your orgasm to the next level.

For singles looking for a little sexual wellness, try on the Thrusting Bunny for size. This vibrator gives you a way to treat yourself to moments of anticipation, relaxation, and body-shaking bliss.

Best Sex Toys for Female Orgasm – Silicone Remote Bullet Vibe

The Silicone Remote Bullet Vibe is one of the best sex toys in 2021.

Another classic on this list and still one of the best sex toys in 2021 is the Remote Bullet Vibe. This is a vibrator women can rely on to hit those deep and dirty sweet spots. With the choice of 10 vibration modes, you have many options to toy with yourself or give the remote to a partner for some couples fun.

A bullet vibrator is designed for maximum contact. Use it during sex, foreplay, or when you’re on your own. Although it can be used for mindful penetration, the true benefit of the Remote Bullet is its ability to work outer stimulation better than a lot of vibrators. Women can attain the best orgasm sensation with this nifty little sex toy.

Before using this sex toy, make sure you apply water-based lubricants. This protects the silicone material from wear-and-tear.

Best Sex Toys for Male Orgasm – We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager

The We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager is one of the best 2021 sex toys.

The We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager is a sex toy that was first seen in Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan. Best used during intimacy, this is the male counterpart to the Couples Vibrator.

The Vector promises sleek, deep stimulation on the prostate gland, also known as the male G-spot. The curves of the shaft reach up to target the upper anal wall where the prostate is. As it buzzes and throbs, stimulating the prostate, you will be shocked at the difference it makes in climaxing alongside your partner.

Best BDSM Toys for Couples – Under-the-Bed Restraints

Under-the-bed restraints are one of the best sex toys for couples in 2021.

A lot of couples love the physicality of sex. For some, their experience is animalistic and almost competitive with the other person, fuelled by a constantly shifting power dynamic. For others, sex verges on going even further towards consensual rough play, bordering on a struggle for power.

Handcuffs are usually where some couples start. If you want more excitement, couples can take it to the next level with under-the-bed restraints. These restraints are a safe way to put a willing partner into a playful position of their choosing.

The adjustable straps hook underneath the mattress and are the easiest way to craft a sexual experience that prioritizes struggle and restraint. For adventurous couples, this may be your favourite sex toy to use together.

Best Sex Toys on a Budget – PinkCherry Compact WaterPro Pocket Vibrator

The PinkCherry Compact WaterPro Pocket Vibrator is one of the best sex toys of 2021.

A Compact WaterPro Pocket Vibrator is a multi-attachment vibrator for those on a budget. This pocket vibrator is portable, comes with 4 textured caps, and is compatible with all lubricant types. It is a more affordable alternative to high-end or high-tech sex toys.

The WaterPro is a favourite to use body-wide, from the nipples down to the clitoris. If you want budget-friendly sex toys, start with the WaterPro. You will love its performance without needing to spend a lot of money. Try the WaterPro yourself to feel the pleasure first-hand!